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accurate integration / automation
Integrated audio/video, telephone, satellite, local area networks, online media and smart homes.  Let us simplify your life.

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accurate alarm
Residential and Commercial Security Systems, monitoring of fire, water, low temp and CCTV.

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accurate pro a/v
Multimedia Projection, Sound Reinforcement, and Integrated Control Systems.

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dreamroom productions
Something unlike anything that you have ever experienced… See for yourself, book an appointment today!

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architectural audio

If you can imagine having music in every room of your home, following you around from living room to kitchen to bedroom. Or having a video monitor in your kitchen with the game on, so you don’t miss the big play when you get up to make a sandwich? Or maybe watching the vacation slideshow that’s stored on your den’s computer on the flat panel television in your living room, then you need to call us. At Accurate, all of this and more is possible with the advancement of distributed audio and video. Of course, the possibilities are nearly endless, but whether you just want music in an extra room or audio and video throughout your home, there are options out there for you.

Distributed entertainment consists of a centralized audio/video system that can provide audio and video signals throughout your home. The only thing required to be in each room are speakers and TV screens. Through wall-mounted control panels or remote controls, you’re able to control the system. You can have your centralized components out in your living room, or even hidden away in a closet somewhere in your house. You may choose to have additional source components located locally in rooms for convenience. These components could also be available to the rest of the system if you want them to be.

Even if you’re not building or remodeling, there are solutions that let you take advantage of this exciting development in home entertainment. Now the soundtrack of your life doesn’t have to be confined to your living room.

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